Homosexuality / Barkley: “The NBA has always been open”

The confessions of Jason Collins on his homosexuality caused an avalanche of reactions including that of the highest peak in the U.S.

Like the presidential couple, players in the NBA (players, coaches and managers) have praised the courage of the player in Washington.

It is true that those who do not share the sexual orientation of the Wizards pivot will not want to output.

Among the reactions, may have to dwell on that of Charles Barkley . The former powerful forward of the Phoenix Suns explained that the announcement of Jason Collins highlights a practice that has been going on in the NBA “We’ve all had gay teammates,” said “Sir Charles” on TNT. “Everyone has worked with gay people and there are homosexuals in every family, even if it is in varying degrees,” said the player who has hung up his sneakers in 2000.

Aged 34, Jason Collins is in the twilight of his career after 12 years in the NBA. But Charles Barkley especially does not want us to do correlation with the end in the league and his homosexuality. For supporting the MVP in 1993 (regular season), the NBA is tolerant. “This is a unique situation because he is in late career. I do not think we can read anything [if he is not signed]. The family of the NBA has always been open. He just scores a few points per game, he is one of older players and I’m not sure he would have been signed anyway. So it would be a little unfair to take things from that perspective. “

During the regular season, Jason Collins turned to an average of 0.7 points and 9 minutes with the Washington Wizards. He played nine games.