Gov’t: Load shedding will end on Friday

Gov’t: Load shedding will end on Friday

The current load shedding exercise being experienced throughout the country is expected to end next month.

That is supposed to be the case despite the inability of the West African Gas Pipeline Company to meet yet another deadline to start transporting natural gas to the Aboadze Thermal Plant.

The company promised that the project gas would flow from Nigeria to Ghana by Tuesday, April 30.

However its Managing Director Charles Ade-Niji announced at the news conference on Monday that the company could neither meet the deadline nor give a new deadline.

Government responded to the news amid disappointment but said it will stop at nothing in ending the load shedding.

Head of communications at the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Edward Bawa told Joy News other measures have been put in place to end the load shedding.

“…On Friday, His Excellency will commission the first unit of Bui which is 133 megawatts…so with this we should be able to take care of the deficit that has been created as a result of Asogli going out because they don’t have the natural gas…”

“In line with what the president said…immediately after the third of May when we commission the Bui [Dam]”.