GCPP lauds Ghanaian workers

Dr Henry Herbert LarteyDr Henry Herbert LarteyThe Chairman and Leader of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), Dr Henry Herbert Lartey, has lauded  Ghanaian workers for their enormous contribution towards the growth and development of the nation,  since independence.

There is absolutely no doubt that Ghana has achieved its present level of progress and development largely as a result of the contributions of the working people of this country, he declared in a statement to mark May Day, which falls Wednesday.

May Day is marked every year to show solidarity with working people all over the world and to support the cause of workers to enable them to increase productivity for the overall development of society.

“The GCPP on this occasion wishes to salute unionised labour and its leadership who also contributed in no small measure towards the struggle for political emancipation from the yoke of colonialism. In the same vein, workers must work hard to increase productivity for the growth and continuous development of our dear nation Ghana,” Dr Lartey stated.

Labour Agitation:

According to the GCPP leader, for much of the 1970s, the UK appeared to be in a battle between the government and the Unions.

However, he said that when one looked back at 1970s United Kingdom, it was easy to see why many felt the unions were too powerful and that something had to change.

We do not want the Workers, Unions to create a situation where most Ghanaians would feel they are too powerful and that something has to change, he stated.

Dr Lartey said that Ghana was facing challenges similar to most countries all over the world with budget constraints, which the Ghana Medical Association and other unions need to be aware of so they do not punish the ordinary sick Ghanaian with the strikes.

Life that is lost cannot be replaced!

In Kumasi, he recalled a  hypertensive patient died after he visited  a government  hospital and was  asked to go home  as the doctors were on strike. His condition worsened at home and they rushed him back to the hospital but he was dead on arrival.

How would the GMA feel when those who work in the private sector such as farmers, fishermen, market women ,trotro drivers and taxi drivers also decide  to encourage  labour  agitation and the nation comes to a halt?

Will it be in the interest of the nation, if all workers demand a written commitment from government, which are impossible to be met at the moment?

The single spine salary structure was meant to improve and enhance the pay in the public sector to compete favourably  with the wages in the private sector.

Unfortunately, the implementation of the Single Spine Salary  Structure  has generated problems among the unions due to misunderstanding of the implementation  and  lack of education of the policy.

On this special day, the GCPP is throwing  the challenge to the youth , the unions and entrepreneurs  of this country to rise up to the occasion  and take advantage of the enabling democratic environment  to channel their resources through  value addition  into  industry and service  sectors with the view to nurture them to grow into industrial and business giants that  can create jobs.

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