Foot: homosexuality as a big discomfort! Africa referred?

This is a study that makes the buzz today in France. It was conducted by the Paris Fooball Gay between September 2012 and February 2013. Although the response rate reached 27.5% , this is the first time a sense of homophobia is measured in the French L1 and L2.

41% of respondents expressed “hostile opinions to homosexuality» In sportsmen in general … the figure drops to 8% .

63% ( 73% in the training center) of respondents would be surprised if a teammate makes his coming out. 55% of the L1 players said “afraid to shower with a gay player” . And even 23% “fear that the team becomes less efficient.” Finally, they are 22% to “prefer that he changes a team.”

Conclusion of the investigation: “All the results we obtained in this study should alert trainers. It seems almost impossible for a young gay man to flourish in the context of training centers in this actual state. “

So, Pascal Brethes , director of PFG, suggests some ways to combat homophobia on the football field. Here are the tracks:

To sign the Charter against homophobia with all clubs . As strange as it may seem, this is the reality: if there is a Charter against homophobia in football, it has been ratified by eight clubs … (over 40 pros). “Signing a charter is good, but you have to add a target agreement. Because sign and do nothing … The FFF, we do not even know if it has signed”, says Pascal Brethes, director of PFG.

Apply sanctions . “We do not demand more than what already exists for racism,” says the director of PFG. Today, Joey Barton of Marseille can qualify Thiago Silva of transgender, he risks no penalty. “We just ask that the Disciplinary Committee of the League and the National Ethics Committee of the FFF to do their work instead of kick in touch, continues Brethes. For that, you have to admit that homophobia is discrimination. ”

Support the coming out . For things to change, one or more players should decide to make their coming out. “There should have things in place by the government bodies involved in football, warns Pascal Brethes. But it would obviously be great to have several athletes do their coming out at the same time. A gay player, who does not declare his social situation, plays less because it weighs on him. If gay people are helped to be better in their pump, it would be useful to clubs. ”

Sensitize players in training centers . It is where the numbers are more staggering. Where Paris Foot Gay wanted to intensify the fight. “We spoke at the training center of Niort. The youngsters repeat what they hear, and especially they assume a homosexual does not affect football, reports Brethes Pascal, director of PFG. We ended up with a film clip where we see Thuram saying that he does not see the difference between racism and homophobia, we feel that this marks. ”

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