Cameroon : Three foreign Candidates and three natives to the Indomitable Lions

We know more about the call for nominations for the Cameroonian coach … Three coaches, all Cameroonians and officiating in the first division, were selected on a second list, the so-called “alternate” : it is comprised of Richard Towa , the coach of the Cadets and Technical Director of the Astres of Douala, Bonaventure Djonkep coach of Union Douala, Cameroon champion in 2012 and Pierre Ndjili Ndengue , the coach of the Unisport of the Upper Nkam. They were selected by the committee in charge of the appointment of a short list of three candidates for the position of coach. It is pointed out that it is Volker Finke (Germany), Raymond Domenech (France) and Antoine Kombouare (France).

The names of the three candidates “holders” must be submitted to the Minister of Sports and Physical Education who will make a choice. Maybe you will know soon the name of the new coach of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon. If new coach there, as we learned in the late afternoon, Jean-Paul Akono and his assistant Martin Ndtoungou Mpile were called on “emergency” to the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education . The purpose of the meeting has not yet been disclosed.

The reactions fuse on the short list. For Hervé Nouma Atangana, a Cameroonian agent established in France, “none of the three names (Gentlemen Domenech, Kombouare, Vinke) mentioned on the short list has an international experience known if only international experience means having directed other senior national teams in Europe or elsewhere, they are Europeans and / or have run at least one or more African senior national teams … otherwise, they should not be included because in 2013 we don ‘t learn how to direct an African team with the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, “ he notes.

He continues to believe that his favorite candidate, the Belgian Tom Saintfiet Juliana Maria was the best man for the Lions because he “holds 15 awards as coach.”