Watch Out For Ampah

Kojo Ampah

Kojo Ampah

One of Ghana’s highlife musicians, Kojo Ampah, who has won the hearts of many highlife music fans with his live musical performance and stage craft, has announced that his third album will be released in May this year.

According to him, he has worked tirelessly on his third album to meet the challenges ahead of him, adding that he is ready to compete with those already making waves on the music scene.

The songs on his third album, ‘Asonkulele’ which have the combination of both traditional and contemporary musical instruments are intended to capture the attention of all music lovers in the society.

Most of the songs on the album can be considered as pure highlife music fused with funky beats. The instrumentation as well as the backing vocalists, according to highlife music expert, makes the songs on the album unique.

Ampah’s latest album to be released in May has distinctive features in terms of programming, beat and style, which is a new dimension in our current highlife dispensation.

The creativity in the composition is also commendable and it has the potential of becoming a big hit.

Most of the tracks on the album are a mid-tempo rendered in traditional highlife beats, with a beautiful rhythm and great treble tunes to match. His music is a combination of excellent song writing skills, good vocals and instrumentation. The songs on the album are full of catchy, easy to sing along tunes, with immense commercial potential.

It is set to create stiff competition for established artistes, particularly those already making waves in the music field.

Ampah, who is the founder and leader of Big 8 Band and still developing his music career, said he would soon become a force to reckon with on the African continent.

Opinions about the songs differ, but listening to the lyrics carefully and the kind of message he is sending to the music fans, one would easily be motivated to sing along, making the songs more interesting.

Kojo Ampah told BEATWAVES in a chat that his new album which he spent almost two years to complete was carefully packaged not only for the local market, but the world at large.

Ampah is the kind of highlife musician who can thrill an audience with his soul touching tunes, and he is working tirelessly to become an enterprising singer.

Indeed, renowned music writers and entertainment critics have lauded the creativity of Ampah, calling him one of the best ever highlife musician to emerge from this side of the world.

According to Ampah, the world has not seen anything yet, and that he is ready to give all he has got.

“I know the talent I have and I’m aware of my capabilities. Just wait for the album which is coming soon and then you can really have fun because it is specially made for you to enjoy,” he indicated.

By George Clifford Owusu