‘Use Technology To Boost Cities’

ibmIBM, a global Information Communication Technology (ICT) company, in a study launched over the weekend, has revealed that technology has huge potential to transform leading cities in Africa.

Based on the opinions of experts in the public and private sectors, the study was titled: “A Vision for Smarter Growth: an IBM Smarter Cities Report on Accra, Ghana.”

Joe Mensah, Country Manager of IBM Ghana, commenting on the report, highlighted how Accra could leverage technology to transform its key urban systems, especially in areas that were essential to the city’s transportation, energy and city services.

“For example, the report highlights several areas where technology can help in the area of revenue collection – a key focus area of the National Urban Policy Framework and Action Plan,” he stated.

It said in future, mobile payment systems could lessen the burden of residents.

Big Data analytics, the report said, could also help city authorities to easily identify tax under payment and fraud.

It stated that implementing these types of initiatives would help Accra raise the revenue required to make critical investments.

The report also lists a number of areas where technology can help alleviate strain on Accra’s road systems.

City authorities could gain a clear view on how people move around within the city and how the existing transportation systems could be enhanced.

It stated that technology can also help address energy challenges in Accra.

For example, smart meters can help monitor and manage electricity distribution and smart grids can help energy providers anticipate and isolate problems.

By Michael Avickson