Prez Mahama urged to remain focussed on task ahead

President John MahamaPresident John Mahama

The Asunafo North  constituency branch of the Youth For Mahama (YFM) and the  constituency youth wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have commended President John Dramani Mahama for his resilience and resolve to tackle the numerous socio-economic challenges that confronts the nation within his first 100 days in office. 

The group said the President being able to set up his team of ministers within the first 100days in office attested to the fact that he was ready to tackle the numerous developmental challenges faced by the country.

They therefore urged the President to remain focus and resolute in his resolve to move the country forward in the right direction.

The group made the commendation at a press conference  to celebrate President Mahama 100 days in office at Goaso, the Municipal capital over the weekend.

Addressing the press conference, Awudu Lamini, the constituency coordinator  of YFM, also commended the President for demonstrating his belief in the youth of the country by appointing majority of them to serve in his government as Deputy Ministers.

He therefore expressed the hope that the youth would take advantage of the various entrepreneur training put in place by the government to improve their lots and earn a decent living.

Lamini also used the opportunity to congratulate the Municipal Chief Executive( MCE) for Asunafo North, Alhaji Mohammed Kwaku Doku for his immense contribution in ensuring that the municipality received its fair share of the Better Ghana Agenda over the last four years.

“Since assuming office in 2009, the MCE has provided a more result- oriented, visionary and strong leadership with the ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders in harnessing the abundant human and material resources in the municipality”, he said.

” Keen observers in the Asunafo North Municipality would agree that the municipality owes its tremendous improvement in terms of developmental projects to the untiring efforts of Alhaji Mohammed Doku. For example at a time nobody thought it possible for a state owned Midwifery school could be established in the Brong Ahafo Region, he made it a reality with the establishment of the first ever state owned midwifery training institute in Goaso”, he added.

Lamini said the MCE used his personal initiative to procure demonstration equipment for the midwifery training institute with his partners in the United Kingdom worth $ 352,000.

” It is also on record that until 2009, the Asunafo North Assembly had failed to qualify under the Functional Organizational Assessment Tool (FOAT) on two occasions, for example in 2006 and 2008. Upon the MCE assumption of office in 2009, the assembly has progressively passed the FOAT scoring 62% in 2009. In 2010, it scored 82% for the District Development Fund (DDF) and 84% for the Urban Development Grant(UDG) and in 2011, the assembly sorted 90 % for DDF and 92% for the UDG”.

“We the youth in Asunafo North do not see it only as additional resources for developmental projects in our municipality but it is also a manifestation of a better local governance and efficient and effective administration pursued by the MCE and his team of officers at the assembly”, he said.

Lamini, stated that the MCE under the Better Ghana Agenda in the last four years in the municipality also include the establishment of Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority, Department of Urban Roads, Rural Technology Facility, construction of storm drains in various communities including Mim and Goaso.

He said, through the MCE’s unique and exemplary leadership style, there has been construction of about 85 water and sanitation projects, 28 road networks in towns and rural communities, 19 health facilities, construction of 61 educational facilities, 67 rural electrification projects among others.

Lamini said as a parliamentary candidate in 2008 general elections, Alhaji Doku reduced the margin between NPP and NDC from 7,600 to 3,093 in Asunafo North constituency. This figure has narrowed down to 1, 482 in the 2012 elections, adding that this should be commended and not condemned by any objective observer.

“We the Youth for Mahama and the entire NDC youth wing in Asunafo North Municipality wish to encourage President to remain focus and further plead with him to continue the good works which was started in our municipality through the collaboration between the Presidency and the MCE of Asunafo North”, he added.

Story: Samuel Duodu, Goaso.