Piracy cripples pride in professional – AGN

Abuja – Actor Guild of Nigeria (AGN) on Monday lamented the activities of piracy, saying it had crippled the pride in the professional.

Mr Agility Onwurah, Chairman AGN, Abuja chapter described the development as “wicked and insensitive’’ to creativity.

He spoke at the celebration of 73rd anniversary of Emmanuel France, a veteran Nollyhood actor in Abuja.

He said that if marketers did not make money, they would not be able to pay actors good money.

“We have tried going against the menace but our effort has been to no avail, the guild had in the past marched against piracy.

“We have even pleaded with the government to help us but nothing was done,” he said.

Onwurah attributed their plight to the greedy and selfish attitude of some of the pirates, saying “some people are just interested in reaping where they did not sow.’’

“We are helpless, assuming there are laws backing us or things we can do to curtail the activities of piracy; we would have done it before now.’’

He blamed the government for not doing enough, adding that “we cannot pay tax to the government because whatever we do, we still suffer loss.’’

He said that piracy was the reason why marketers and producers would rush to location and finish a movie within a week.

“Nollywood has contributed to the socio-economy life of the people; hence, the government should do all within its power to protect us from piracy,” he said.

Onwurah said that AGN, Abuja chapter decided to celebrate the veteran actor because of his contribution to the industry.

“In recent time, we have buried so many Nollywood stars, we have carried candle lights, and we have those living that are legend, so, we decided to celebrate them before they are dead.

“AGN Abuja will henceforth celebrate the Nollywood living legend, that’s why we decided to celebrate Emmanuel France, let him enjoy us why alive,’’ he said.

Emmanuel Frances, who turned 73 years in April, lauded the guild, saying that the gesture would spur him to do more.

Frances said that he started acting in 1969, so far, had no regret over his choice of being an actor.

He said that it was a thing of joy to see the Nollywood they started some years back grew into a large industry with over 2 million artists across the country. (NAN)

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