I’m Tired Of Brazilian Hair – Actress

The ‘Brazilian Hair’ for which Ghanaian ginger Eazzy refused to appear on the Big Brother Africa finals is being treated as a piece of trash by younger actress Salma Mumin.

Salma says she has used the so-called ‘Brazilian Hair’ for so many years and is tired of the product and has therefore decided to maintain her natural hair.

“I cut my hair because I was tired of the Brazilian hair. I wanted to go natural and for me to go natural I didn’t want to keep my long natural hair on so I cut it, I just wanted to change my looks too for a while.

Perhaps in a year or two, I will grow my long hair again. Cutting my hair has been something I always wanted to do, but I never got the courage. Whenever I tried to do people went like no don’t cut your hair’. It is over two years now and I had been trying to cut my hair but people discouraged me. Even when I went to the saloon to cut it, people discouraged me. But I just got the courage one day when I woke up to cut it off and I did it. So basically that was it,” she told News-One yesterday.

Salma, who seems to have some traits of late actress Suzzy Williams, has since joined the likes of Pascaline Edwards, Juliet Ibrahim and other popular artistes that keep natural short hair.

It is becoming obvious that more and more actresses will join the short hair fraternity as information gathered by this paper indicates that they spend more money on their hair.

Salma first popped up in public during the premiere of the movie, House of Gold. She indeed spotted a new look, which got people’s attention at the event.

There are current arguments over which of the two hairstyles makes Salma look more beautiful and sexy.

Salma is one of Ghana’s hottest rising actresses with great seductive instincts.

She joined Ghana’s movie industry in 2007 when she was featured in the movie Passion & Soul.

She has since starred in a number of movies including ‘The Will’ by Venus Films, ‘Seduction’, ‘No Apology’, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Five Brides’.

She is a 25-year old young lady from the Upper West Region of Ghana. She describes herself as, “very reserved and a little bit out-going I love sharing and above all I fear God.”