GOIL Corporate Affairs Manager: Government Would Not Be Selling GOIL

Corporate Affairs Manager of GOIL, Mr. Cyril Oppong has denied media reports that government would be selling off the company into private hands.

According to him, government has not held any discussions with the oil company, expresssing the need to divest it to a private oil entity.

He labeled the reports as a “purported story” and therefore denied knowledge of such move by the government.

This notwithstanding, Mr. Cyril Oppong touted some achievements of the Ghana Oil Company (GOIL).

He stated in an interview on Radio Gold that there has been a massive improvement in the activities of the company, stressing that “as at the moment, there’s nothing concrete that we are aware of, stating that exactly these are government plans.”

He added that the company’s rebranding has also streamlined its operations making it top notch in the country.

He therefore recounted some major projections of the company, saying “we are doing very well. If you check the stock exchange, you will see that our shell price is one of the best performers there…At the moment, if you ask me; I will say we are the trend setters. Because if you notice, when we started advertising our lubricant; everybody else is doing the same. We’ve changed the face of our company, you would notice that quite a few of our competitors too are trying to do the same…So, we are more than competing.”