Ck Akunnor Shocked At Abanga’s Claims Of Nearly Ending His Career Prematurely

Posted On Monday, 29th April 2013

CK Akunnor says he did not attempt to end Kofi Abanga's career

CK Akunnor says he did not attempt to end Kofi Abanga’s career

Ex-Hearts coach CK Akunnor is shocked at claims by Kofi Abanga that he (Akunnor) nearly ended his career prematurely.

The 24-year-old made the astonishing revelation last week claiming his lack of first tam action under the ex-Ghana captain nearly ended his career.

Abanga endured limited playing time under Akunnor due to persistent injuries but he claims he was fit to play but simply overlooked by the 39-year-old.

The former VF Wolfsburg captain has expressed surprise at the player’s claims insisting they are unfounded.

“I am very surprise to hear that. I don’t think he (Abanga) said. I don’t believe so,” Akunnor said

“When I joined Hearts, he was injured and not fully fit. It was a difficult situation for him.

“So for him to say I nearly ended his career because I didn’t use him much is unfortunate.

“I’m really surprised. You know football is a cycle. Today you’re here, tomorrow you will be somewhere and likely to work with some of these players and so we must be careful of what we say especially if they’re untrue.

“He needed time to be fit so he could give off his best when given the chance to play for the club.

“That does not amount to ending somebody’s career. I don’t think so and like I said I’m really surprised to hear this.”

Abanga’s fortune has changed under new coach David Duncan as he forms an integral part of the current set-up.