Ato Dadzie commends Bawumia’s resilience, but says he lost "critical points"

Nana Ato Dadzie, spokesperson for the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC’s) legal team has commended Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for ” his strength and resilience” under cross examination by Tsatsu Tsikata, counsel for the third respondent.

However, he was quick to add that he “lost some critical points”.

It was “cross-examination really at its best”, he evaluated.

“I must commend Bawumia for his strength and his resilience” he offered charitably of the 2012 Vice presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Nana Ato Dadzie nonetheless believed the star witness in “quite a number of cases” didn’t survive cross-examination unscathed.

The NDC lawyer said Tsatsu Tsikata used Dr. Bawumia’s own evidence to prove that his allegation of substantial election irregularities “cannot be sustained”.

He was satisfied with the strategy of counsel for third respondent, Tsikata, noting, that the strategy paid off.

He also hailed the decision of the Supreme Court to allow Tsatsu’s cross-examination. In his view, objections raised by lawyer for petitioners, Philip Addison were untenable. That objection was instigated by “a fear factor”, he conjectured.

“If they had not given the opportunity[to cross-examine], the evidence of the witness would have to be expunged,” he dared to say.

The former Chief of Staff went on to make a promise, saying Tsatsu’s assault tomorrow will be “deeper”.

Meanwhile lawyer Yaw Boabeng Asamoah, spokesperson for the NPP legal team was eager to pronounce his verdict of Tsatsu Tsikata’s performance.

“The myth has been broken”, he declared with visible glee,”there is nothing at stake”.

He didn’t end there – the court had helped him to this conclusion, he added.

“If this Court hadn’t heard Tsatsu Tsikata we wouldn’t have realized that”.