Human life as bargaining chips

It is not only callous, but very mean and sheer disregard to Ghanaians for medical doctors to use our lives as bargaining chips. We all know too well that a good number of these doctors are supported by tax payers’ money to go through their training, and trained in mostly publicly provided educational institutions supported by teaching hospitals also funded by Ghanaians.

If you are a Ghanaian who has enjoyed subsidized education, in publicly funded educational institutions at the cost of tax-payers, why do you graduate and now put a strangle hold on the same Ghanaians to near-death, and ask the Ghanaian government to increase your salary or some benefit or else you will kill three Ghanaians per hour. This is straight kidnap, armed robbery and deceit all packaged in one box called strike.

I will start with kidnap. Kidnappers hold guns to their victims while bargaining. I assure you that they will not hesitate to kill some of their hostage victims to make their negotiations more relevant and pressing. They often look for some reward such as releasing somebody from prison or request for a particular sum of money and stuff like that. Kidnappers strike from time to time; you do not know when they will strike.

Our medical doctors do nothing different. We Ghanaians have all been kidnapped. Held hostage and killed one by one by our medical doctors, to press government for money. Yes, for money. That is what all the dying of our brothers is for, money. Nothing else! No craving for the sick. No feeling for some of the disastrous circumstances and environments in which they practice their healing business. Just money!! Like kidnappers, they also strike from time to time, no knowledge of when they will strike.
My dear reader, will they strike when your hypertension is up, or when your wife’s diabetes is unmanageable? Will they strike when you are having your first born child and your wife needs critical medical care? When will they strike? Medical doctors have become scarier than even kidnappers.

Armed robbers! This particular set of armed robbers wait for us to take our hard earned tax money to assist them buy the arms with which to rob us. Doctors are fatly paid, housed, fed, given electricity and water, given allowances, yet they are not satisfied. We assist in training them to get a skill, and then they use that skill to rob us in day light. Armed robbers are never satisfied as well.

They deceive us by pledging to a professional code of conduct which some of them do not go by, they create hope in us to handle our health needs and then betray us when we are ill. They sign to a pact with government and never go by it.

They should be more innovative to come out with better ways of negotiations. Not kill us to get money. I know, for sure, that they can be more innovative than this. They definitely can do better!!

Human life as bargaining chips