Help arrest breakdown of law and order – Addo

The Western Regional Minister, Mr E.K.T. Addo has urged religious bodies  to develop modules to help arrest the breakdown of law and order to save the future of the country’s future leaders,

He said it was sad that some students were getting involved in armed robbery, violent crimes, drugs, alcoholism and crimes relating to sex.

Speaking at the 52nd Annual Synod of the Sekondi Diocese of the Methodist Church, he said “There is indeed a breakdown of law and order and parents are afraid to correct their own children. And one institution that can rekindle the country is the church and other religious bodies.”

He said the Methodist Church had contributed to the development of the country in the areas of education, health care delivery, shaping the future of its young members among others.

The minister said the call for the church to help savage the breakdown in law and order and protecting the youth was because the Methodist Church and other religious bodies were strong partners in the development of the country Ghana.

“Products of schools under your missions have occupied high positions of our national leadership for very long time and continue to do so, that is the season why our young ones need to come to terms with its values,” he said.

He said the government on the other hand would continue to cooperate with the church to ensure that the citizenry enjoyed dignified lives.

“I will therefore call on the church not to relent in playing your supportive role to government by praying hard for the nation and its leadership and preach against vices that makes society unsafe,” he said.

The minister said after years of experimenting, Ghanaians had come to accept that living under the democratic accountability anchored on the rule of law was the best way for the country’s forward movement and road for prosperity.

He said it was also worth noting that, the Fourth Republic since 1992 had been the longest  in the country’s history and its long era of stability had obviously made it possible for the country to have a much better approach to social and economic development issues.

He said it was therefore important that, the youth in the second cycle institutions were made to embrace virtues of morality and uprightness.

He said it was important to acknowledge the decades of democracy which had enhanced the unity and cohesion of the nation with the citizenry accepting that irrespective of one’s political, ethnic or religious persuasion they would be part of one body politics.

On the part of government, that development had been the surest way of pursuing vibrant programmes and policies all geared towards equitable development in accountable and transparent manner to improve the standard of living for the people.

The annual zonal synod was attended by all reverend ministers at the Dunwell Methodist Church at Effiekuma under the theme: Witnessing to Christ Today:  Resource Mobilisation and Church Growth.

Story: Moses Dotsey Aklorbortu

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