‘Sweet Dreams & Nightmares’ @ National Theatre Tonight

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Renowned playwright Nii Commey is set to premiere his latest work, ‘Sweet Dreams & Nightmares’ at the National Theatre on Saturday.
Known for ‘Romantic Nonsense’ and ‘Je M’appelle Romance’, Nii Commey, in his latest work, revisits the issue of choices in relationships, marriages and their repercussions.

‘Sweet Dreams & Nightmares’ tells the story of Dimples Kwantabisa, a worried young lady, who is increasingly getting sick and tired of receiving invitations to be the maid of honour at weddings of female colleagues she completed university with some two years back.

Age, to her, is not having mercy on her. She is faced with the intimidation of mid-life crises and her perplexity is even compounded by the fact that she is of the conviction that she is prettier than all these girlfriends who have reduced her to their official maid of honour.

She is under psychological and mental pressure to get married but is her boyfriend, Koka (also a colleague back at the university) prepared to marry, especially when securing a job has become so difficult for him ever since he completed his national service? And even if he is married, can he cope with the financial and mental pressure in marriage?

An intriguing twist to this tale is the introduction of a cute stranger of a man who just enters the abode of Dimples’ with all the elegance and panache.

He looks irresistible before the sight of “the average young woman” and leaves with the question; can he affect the thoughts of Dimples?

The play fortunately holds answers to these questions in its bosom and one would have to watch it to quench their inquisitive thirsts.