If Claims Of Over Voting, Same Serial Numbers and Voting without Biometric Verification Is Admin. Error, Then Declaration Of Results Was An Error

The policy analyst of People’s National Convention (PNC) Atik Mohammed has stated that the suggestion by Tony Lithur, Counsel for the First Respondent, President John Dramani Mahama, that the claims of the petitioners of over voting, same serial numbers and voting without biometric verification should be considered as an administrative error does not hold since someone may have benefited from that error.

He indicated that at some point the lawyer was trying to prove that some of the figures at the tail end of the pink sheet were lifted to a different slot on the same sheet and so it should be considered as an administrative error.

Speaking on Okay fm, the policy analyst said that the administrative error was pervasive throughout so many polling stations and with the presiding officers that it would have been considered infectious administrative error.

He added that “if the claim over voting, same serial number and voting without biometric verification is administrative error then the declaration of the results was the same error”; in that the suggestion of administrative error of Tony Lithur which happened severally according to the petitioners is too much of coincidental which spread among the presiding officers.

According to him, the presiding officers are trained to be meticulous and they should be in the best position to understand the law; stressing that any entry which was done on the pink sheets should be meticulously checked.

He further stated that it is difficult to believe the suggestion of Tony Lithur since he is the only person who can read the minds of the presiding officers to determine that the actions were mistake.

He again said that Dr. Bawumia has designated that the pink sheets have all the irregularities from where the detections have been made and not to assume that the conduct of the presiding officers were mere administrative errors.

He therefore said that the suggestion of Tony Lithur will lead to arena of absurdity, adding that the case before the Supreme Court has reduced the level of propaganda of NDC since there is a limit to which propaganda can do in any situation.