I conducted the best ever LG Polls in South-South – Oshiomhole

GOVERNOR Adams Oshiomhole of Edo state yesterday declared that the Local Government Council election recently conducted in Edo state was the best ever organized not only in Edo state but in the South South geo-political zone.

He warned leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  in the state“who are using Abuja power to know that this state belongs to all of us. So, we will resist any attempt to use Abuja connection to intimidate our people”.

Governor Oshiomhole stated this during the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected chairmen of Ikpob Okhai,Oredo and Esan West Local Government Councils”.

According to Oshiomhole, “the PDP has tried to give the impression that they lost because the election was not properly conducted.

They hired some miscreants to keep carrying flags denouncing what they claim to be an election that was not properly organized.

But  the only reason why people are talking about election in Edo state is because we are different and we have demonstrated that we are different. We remain resolute in our commitment towards upholding the principle of one man one vote.

“The era of primitive imposition is over. No one will govern this state any more except as determined by the Edo electorate. That is why we have worked hard to show presence in all the Local Governments.

The PDP has no response to that. They are detained by their past. This election is the best ever organized, not only in Edo state but in our neighboring states. I understand that we lost ward 6 in Oredo, but even as we were losing it, we did not disrupt election in that ward, but PDP  knew that they will not win any where, their best option was to recruit thugs to cause trouble.

“ How could they have won this election. On July 14 we won elections in every local government , in Edo South in every ward, in Edo North in every ward, 85 per cent in Edo Central, there after whatever was left of PDP was completely a demoralized house.

And more people have left the PDP and join the ACN after the governorship election.  Once, we have denied them the apparatus for rigging and we have grounded every rigging machinery ” he said.

Oshiomhole added that “We will fight to defend this democracy. Our resolve against god fatherism is none negotiable, it is almost completed. Last I spoke about how the Minister of Works used over a dozen of armed mobile police to scare away the voters in Esan North East and subsequently compelled the DPO to order to EO to cancel the election.

“He called for the election to be postponed because it is clear to him that he stands no chance of winning and he used Federal instrument to force that postponement. Let me use this opportunity to appeal to those politicians of PDP who has Federal power and federal connection, we are not tenants on this land. This is our land”.

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