Flee Evil, Love One Another

Some members of the church. Inset:Apostle Mieza Kodwo

Some members of the church. Inset:Apostle Mieza Kodwo

GHANAIANS HAVE been asked to flee evil, reconcile with one another and ensure that peace and love permeate their lives.

They have also been advised that the Easter celebration which marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ would lose its significance if Ghanaians, particularly politicians, did not live upright lives, but continued to loot the national coffers and engage in corruption and propaganda.

Stephen Biney, Senior Pastor of The Twelve Apostles’ Church made this known at a special Good Friday service during an Easter Convention of the church at Asemndasuazo in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region.

He noted that the resurrection of Jesus Christ implied that Christians should abandon their sinful ways, live righteously and assist the poor because everybody would account for his stewardship before Jesus Christ on Judgment Day.

Pastor Biney also admonished some men of God who preached prosperity and materialism and engaged in all types of miracles and occultism for cheap popularity instead of preaching Christ as life or giving their followers spiritual food.

“As men of God, we should lead the flock to know Jesus Christ, let them love one another and live ideal Christian lives and not be interested in material gains because the love of money is the root of all evil,” he said.

Apostle Mieza Kodwo IV, Head Pastor of the Church said people should give their entire lives to God by being humble, prayerful and forgiving since Jesus died on the cross to forgive mankind of their sins.

After praying for the country, he said the President and his administration should do proper planning and entrust the governance of the country in God’s hands adding, “President Mahama should be just and bold to fire corrupt ministers in his government, if he wants to command respect in Ghana and beyond.”

“Those governing Ghana should let God direct the affairs of the country. They should not engage in voodoo practices, fetishism or entrust the destiny of the country into any smaller deity other than the Almighty God. The President should also try to bring unity and reconciliation into our polarized nation,” he concluded.

 From Sam Mark Essien, Asemndasuazo