Either Tony Lithur Has a Problem With Math…Or He Simply Wants To Display Intellectual Dishonesty

A member of the Communications Team of the opposition NPP, Stephen Amoah, has claimed that Tony Lithur, Counsel for the First Respondent (President John Mahama), in the on-going election petition suit currently before the Supreme Court, has admitted that the petitioners have a legitimate case.

In his assessment of Tony Lithur’s cross examination of the Principal Witness for the Petitioners, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia, the NPP Communicator claimed “either Tony Lithur has a problem with mathematics or but for matters of law, he wants to display intellectual dishonesty” since it is obvious the case does not favor his client.

Commenting on the claim of irregularities that one pink sheet can contain two or three areas raised by the petitioners; he stated that in reference to Venn diagram in mathematics, there are universal sets which can produce subsets and disjoint set at the same time and it is this calculation which distinguishes Dr. Bawumia from Tony Lithur.

He added that though this mathematics is basic as many people will suggest, some section of Ghanaians find it difficult to understand; in that the lawyer admitted that Dr. Bawumia has succeeded in confusing him with his (Dr. Bawumia) answers.

Speaking on Okay FM, Stephen Amoah, also touched on the issue of duplication of pink sheets and explained that the committee which was headed by Dr. Bawumia had limited time to sort out the pick sheets manually and relied on electronic means to quicken the process; adding that it was during the submission of the evidence that the mix up came about.

He therefore said that it is surprising to see counsel for first respondent deliberately dwelling on the duplication of the pink sheets which are no longer part of the petitioners’ case before the Supreme Court.