A husband’s agony: Rapist impregnated my wife

By Adeola Adenuga

My husband is jealous and always feels  insecure and thereby trailing and monitoring my movement whenever I go out or go to the school”, a housewife, Mrs. Olanike Ogunsakin, has said.”Because of his temperament, I left his house for my parents house when I was pregnant. I left to prevent his frequent beating”.

Meanwhile, the husband, Yinka, 30, denied the allegations. “I trailed her to an hotel with one of her concubines and since that day I stopped providing for her needs”, he said. ”I married her out of pity because, according to her story, she was raped and got pregnant which she later aborted,” he said.

”I could have called it quits with her if not for the compassion I had for her, but now, my eyes are opened, I am ready for the dissolution.” Four years into marriage, 23-year-old Olanike urged the Orile-Agege Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve the union over alleged battery and threat to life by her husband.

The embattled wife, who lives at 9, Mashed Ashafa Close, Orile- Agege, told the court that her husband  used cane to beat her at the slightest opportunity, adding that he had no respect for her as well as not taking care of the only child of the union.

She told the court that her husband started showing his bully nature when she was two months pregnant.  The mother of one and student, feared Yinka would pour acid on her anywhere he sees her. ”My husband cannot take care of our child.  He stays in a room apartment with his friends; so I want the custody of my child,”she said.

Yinka, an IT engineer, who lives at 5, Olooti Close, Orile Agege, said her wife was adulterous, and kept “many big men”.  ” I caught her several times and l reported to her mother but the mother was always in her support”.   The court president, Mr Joseph Adewusi, told the couple to maintain the peace and adjourned the case to April 22  for judgment.

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