United Nations endorses HomeVida

Global recognition has come the way of Nigeria’s Integrity Film Awards, HomeVida, as the United Nations, the world’s foremost unifying and development platform has embraced the film awards’ initiative.

HomeVida, the premium national platform for creative messaging initiatives on development values, social issues, corporate social responsibility initiatives and public policy matters communicated through films has caught the attention and reckoning of the global body.

•Elvis Chucks, Joke Silva at the last year's award nite

•Elvis Chucks, Joke Silva at the last year’s award nite

Throwing its weight behind the film award and messaging platform, the UN has opted to enter into a partnership with HomeVida requiring the Nigerian film award platform to deploy its expertise in delivering more worthy content of public awareness and participation in UN development programmes in Nigeria.

In a memorandum of understanding signed early in the week between the United Nations and HomeVida, the global body has sealed the relationship with HomeVida through film endowment and programme promotion.

By the agreement, the United Nations has endowed a prize for the Human Development Values, focusing on the millennium development goals. The global body will accomplish its commitments to HomeVida through its agency for millennium development implementing arm, the UN Millennium Campaign.

Traditionally, HomeVida is expected to officially announce the new partnership as well as call for participation in its award processes in respect of the UN prize on Human Development Values focusing on skilful, inspiring messaging of the millennium development goals.

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