There Is A Grave Importance In HIV Testing – New Ghanaian Movie “VICTIMS” Reveals

Enoch Atakora, one of the famous and credible film crew and the National Organizer of Film Crew Association of Ghana (FICAG), is the newest film crew to join Ghana’s film making industry.

With over 50 movies to his credit in which he played the role of a Production Manager, Enoch has successfully produced his own first movie titled ‘Victims.’The movie which talks about the need for everyone to check his or her HIV status is popularly acclaimed by film critics to as one of the best movies in recent times with the best storyline.

In a chat with Enoch Atakora C.E.O of Holy Fame productions, he stated that the ‘Victim’ movie is his first self-produced movie.’I’ve been behind over 50 movies as PM and that makes me the best and well experienced producer in Ghana” Enoch posited in a humble tone and posture.

He added that he decided to shoot a movie about AIDS because he knows the type of educative stories the public will like to see in order to use it as a tool to educate each other, so it made him finalize on shooting a movie which talks about the need for everyone to go check his/her HIV status.

“There is a grave importance in HIV testing because not only is it important to your health, but it also helps to prevent the spread of HIV to other unaffected and innocent ones who may be leading a decent and healthy sexual lifestyle.

For instance, if you do not have HIV but it turns out your new partner does, you will be able to avoid being intimate (sex) with that partner and therefore not get HIV. In addition, while no cure currently exists for HIV, there are a number of treatments that might help lessen the effects that can be done when HIV has been positively identified” Enoch revealed.

He wrapped it up by saying the movie might not be going through the cinemas after the first premier on Multi TV on Saturday 27 April, 2013. The movie stars the likes of Salma Mumuni, Jackie Appiah, Crystabel Ike, Prince David Osei and many others.

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