Spot Fine not in force, watch out for unscrupulous cops – Police warn

Spot Fine not in force, watch out for unscrupulous cops - Police warn

The police administration is advising motorists to be on the lookout for unscrupulous police officers who may present themselves as implementing the much advertised Spot Fine.

Director of Police Public Affairs, DSP Cephas Arthur in a statement said the Spot Fine is not yet in force, and the administration is even pondering to extend the implementation date scheduled for May to ensure that the public is well educated about the regime.

“The police administration condemns any act by any police officer to extort money from motorists under the guise of the spot fine. The Administration wishes to warn that any policeman or woman caught in this act will be dealt with accordingly.”

He also emphasized that motorist found culpable would not be required to pay cash on the spot when the law finally becomes operational.

“When the regime is rolled out, defaulters or offending drivers WOULD NOT have to pay cash on the spot to the police, but would rather take the ticket and pay it at the bank. Under the circumstance, the enforcement team would include a Police Inspector or a Senior Officer, who would issue the ticket.”

DSP Arthur said a team of detectives has been formed to look out for “unscrupulous Police Officers” and bring them to book, adding “the public are also being advised to be wary in order not to fall prey to any miscreant policeman.”