Russian Hospital Blaze Kills 38 People

A fire in a Russian psychiatric hospital is thought to have killed up to 38 people, according to Russian officials and media reports.

The ministry said 12 bodies have been recovered so far and the fire, which started in the early hours of Thursday morning, has now been extinguished.

The single-storey hospital in the village of Ramensky, lies 120 kilometres north of Moscow.

Up to 41 people were thought to be in the building, including three staff members, two of whom died.

Andrey Vorobyov, the interim governor of Moscow region said:

“Families of the deceased will receive the necessary financial aid. Emergency and police teams are working on the place now, so experts will provide full details on the fire.”

A nurse led two patients out, according to reports, but with bars on the windows, some patients apparently could not escape to the main entrance and many of the victims were found still in their beds.