Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang : Would he choose Dormund?

Would Pierre Emerick Aubameyng choose Germany for his next destination?

Courted by big clubs in Europe, the Saint-Etienne player could land in Dortmund. The Super star and scorer of the Green is impressed by the public Dortmund.

The former Milan compared on his facebook page the Etienne audience to that of the German club, winner of Real Madrid (4-1) in the semi-finals of the Champions League “Dortmund best audience in the world? ASSE best audience in France? “ . Once published, the Gabonese striker removed the image. Maybe a track?

But the two clubs have not yet agreed on the transfer price. The Stéphanois offer 12 million Euros while the German club proposes 10 million . A difference of two million between the two major clubs.

Still in the race for the Champions League qualification next season, will Saint-Etienne let its star striker go away?