New Mortein range of insecticides launched

Reckit Benckiser Plc, a global health care and hygiene company, has launched its new range of Mortein aerosols at the Novotel Hotel in Accra.

The new brand is intended to support the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), one of which advocates the reduction in infant mortality caused by malaria

Dr Reginald Odai of the Ministry of Health, speaking on behalf of the sector Minister, said the ministry would continue to help create the enabling environment for world-class products that impacted positively on public health to be available to Ghanaian consumers.

“We have heard about the significant role Mortein has played in the health agenda of other countries. We in Ghana, therefore, welcome with open arms this brand of insecticides into our midst,” he stated.

Ms Nafisa Ewurama Quainoo, External Relations Manager of Far East Mercantile (which represents Reckitt Benckiser Plc in Ghana), said the Mortein launch was timely as this year’s World Malaria Day was themed: ‘Invest in the Future. Defeat Malaria”.

“Following this theme, Far East Mercantile Limited and Reckitt Benckiser Plc have jointly decided to bring to the door step of the Ghanaian consumer, an insecticide that would help defeat malaria,” she pointed out.

According to Ms Quainoo, the World Health Organisation (WHO)  World Malaria Report 2012 stated that 219 million people suffered from the sickness and an estimated 660,000 people also died, 90 per cent of whom were children under five living in Africa.

“Since the year 2000, malaria mortality rates have fallen by more than 25 per cent. As an organisation, we believe that everybody has a part to play to assist in achieving the 2015 target of reducing incidence rates by more than 75 per cent.” 

The Business Development Manager of Reckitt Benckiser Plc, manufacturers of Mortein, Mr Oladele Adeyole, said the new Mortein range of products include, Mortein Knockdown 1, All Insect Killer Lemon and All Insect Killer Odourless.

East Mercantile Limited is a major distribution company that represents many multinationals and makes world-class products, including Mortein aerosols, which are available to the Ghanaian public.

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