NBA: Marc Gasol, defender of the Year, Howard disagrees

The Spanish of the Memphis Grizzlies (best defender of the year with an average of 88.7 points recorded), Marc Gasol was voted best defender in the NBA. A title that he does not deserve according Dwight Howard .

The pivot of the Lakers, only player to have won the trophy three times, believes that the title should have been awarded to Serge Ibaka “I think Serge Ibaka with everything he did, should have won the trophy this year, and last year. With what he does in defense, he is clearly the winner, but people saw it differently, “says the ” Superman “ at the Miami Herald.

For Howard, the title should have gone inside the Thunder because “it is the best blocker” of the season, and the cons, “it’s the defense.”

An analysis which is not that of the majority of voting and Marc Gasol (14.1 points, 7.8 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal and 1.7 cons per game) is ranked first before LeBron James, Serge Ibaka, the third. The pivot of the Bulls, Joakim Noah , ranks fourth.

Details of the ranking (source BasketUSA)