More rains ahead; Meteo warns lowlying Accra residents

More rains ahead; Meteo warns lowlying Accra residents

The Meteorological Agency is warning of severe rains between May and July and has warned residents in low lying areas to evacuate.

Depending on the storm that will accompany these rains, Tsatsu Siameh, Senior Official at the Meteorological Agency says the imminent rains will be similar to the July 4, 2005 rain which wreaked havoc, especially in Accra.

He was hopeful that the disaster that came with that torrential rain will not be seen this year because a lot has been done by the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) in creating more drains and de-silting them.

That notwithstanding, Mr Tsatsu Siameh said residents, especially those living in low lying areas in Accra, especially Ashongman, Dansoman, Alajo, Circle, to take proactive measures to protect themselves and their families from the impending rains.

Officials of NADMO say they are fully prepared for the upcoming rains.

He said they have drained many of the gutters and are taking measures to reduce the impact of the rains on the residents.

Greater Accra NADMO boss in charge of flooding Evans Anarkwa appealed to all residents to quickly report to the appropriate authorities houses that are sited on water ways.

He also warned residents against the disposal of rubbish into drains when it rains.

He said they are working with the police to have such offenders arrested.