I’m Not Gay – Kumasi Actor Cries

Popular Kumasi-based actor, Bill Asamoah is not happy about public perception that he is a homosexual following his recent role as a gay in the movie, Ampre Bre.

“One time, I went to the salon and the ladies over there told me I was a gay. I felt very bad about it but how best can I explain myself when the people have already made up their minds,” he lamented to News-One.

According to Bill, who is known for movies such as Sika, Choice, Azonto Ghost, Poposipopo and I know My Right, he has been trying to erase the perception people have about him but all efforts have proven futile since the public have already made up their minds about him.

He said he has been to several places where people point fingers at him that he is gay.

“I am not gay and can never be gay. I am married with kids, so the fact that I played the gay role well doesn’t mean I am one”.

He explained that “as an actor, you should be able to portray the character you take on and that is exactly what I did so I don’t see why anyone would have problems with me taking a gay character.”

Asked whether he would again take on a gay character, Bill said as an actor you shouldn’t fear criticisms but do what you know how to do best.

“I have been an actor for 15 years, so I am not that bothered even although sometimes I feel bad about it. But what about an up-coming actor? Such perception can easily kill that fellow’s career,” Bill Asamoah said.

Bill Asamoah started his movie career from Kyeremanten Ply House in Kumasi but became very popular when Miracle Films featured him in a couple of movies. Currently he is the president of Ghana’s Actors Guild in the Ashanti region.