George Ashie not leaving anything to chance against Odhiambo

Former Commonwealth Lightweight champion George Ashie is approaching his 8 round warming down fight against Kenyan Michael Odhiambo with extreme seriousness.

Ashie who lost out on the WBA International Lightweight title to Emmanuel Tagoe in the first edition of the Baby Jet Promotions late last year, comes into Friday’s Baby Jet Promotions bout with a fight record of 23 wins and four losses.

His Kenyan opponent Odhiambo also has a record of 9 wins (KO 7) and 3 losses (KO 1).

George Ashie would not want to lose anything to chance even though he goes into a titleless bout as the result can help push him further up in ranks.

“I am serious about this fight because it can push me forward.”

He has very little knowledge about his opponent but from the few clips he’s seen on YouTube, Ashie believes “Odhiambo is a very good and stubborn fighter but I know what I can do to stop him because I am a knockout specialist. Even if I am not able to knock him out, I can still beat him to win the bout.”