GAF’s Decision To Exonerate ‘Journalist Beaters’ Condemned

A media expert has condemned a report by the Ghana Armed Forces which has exonerated some Soldiers from allegations of assault against two photo journalists.

The assault took place during the Independence Day anniversary on March 6.

The Armed Forces says the investigations could not establish any instance of assault on the two journalists.

However, Professor Audrey Gadzekpo who is with the School of Communications studies at the University of Ghana told XYZ News that, the National Media commission must take over the matter and launch a balanced investigation.

“I feel this is a very serious charge if the military have assaulted these journalists, these are journalists that have connotations with the state, and have previously been employed with assignments from the state”, Audrey said.

XYZ News believes that the said journalists were not invited for questioning during this enquiry by the Military. But, the military insists its investigation was thorough and the Soldiers were not culpable of the allegations leveled against them.

Colonel Mbawine Atintande Director of Public Affairs at the Ghana Armed forces, states that “we should move on from here, by looking at the reports critically and drawing to a conclusion”.