Full Gospel prayer conference opens in Accra

This year’s Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) Prayer Conference starts in the Greater Accra Region at the end of April with a  two-day intensive fasting and prayer session for the nation.

A bi-annual event, the prayer conference is held at regional levels and involves all members. This year’s conference is on the theme, ‘Pray Without Ceasing’ and will be held at the La Palm Royal Hotel on April 25 and 26, in the Greater Accra Region. Each day will see these Christian professionals on their knees for three hours interceding for Ghana, for industrial/economic prosperity and for continued peace.

The key-note speaker is Reverend Isaac Antoh, General Overseer of the Conquerors Chapel International.

Briefing the press in Accra, Mr Justice Marful Sau, an Appeal Court Judge and a National Director of the fellowship responsible for the Greater Accra Zone 1, said the FGBMFI believed that nothing could bring about peace in Ghana unless we sought for it from the Prince of Peace Himself, Jesus Christ, “to whom alone be thanks for the peace we have enjoyed so far, and from whom, alone, we can expect continued peace in the years ahead.”

Mentioning the “dire economic straits” in which the nation finds itself, Mr Justice Marful Sau said, “if Ghana has ever needed prayer in its life as a nation, this is the time. We will also pray for more evangelism work among Christians since people with a changed heart will not cheat one another in business, in their marriage and all spheres of life.”

To answer why the fellowship had had to wait a whole year to pray for the nation, Mr Justice Sau said the annual prayer conference was the only “formal gathering” which received some publicity.

“The FGBMFI is on its knees constantly for the nation at its monthly prayer sessions in all regional capitals, where the first Wednesday of every month has been set aside for intercessory prayer for the nation.

This has been going on for many years now, without publicity.”

He said the prayer conference was open to the general public.

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