Falana visits Jonathan

Ben Agande, Abuja.
Lagos Lawyer, Femi Falana met with President Goodluck Jonathan Friday for about thirty minutes at the presidential Villa.

Mr Falana told state House Correspondents after the meeting that it was a private visit to the President that has to do with the state of the Nation.

Asked whether the visit had anything to do with the case instituted by the Nigeria Police Force against Leadership Newspapers, he said it has nothing to do with that.

Femi Falana is the counsel to Leadership Newspaper and two of its reporters who are being prosecuted for allegedly forging the signature of the president.

The brief encounter between Falana and state House Correspondents went thus:

You are not a regular visitor to the Villa. Why are you here?

It is a private visit, it is a private visit

You are the counsel to Leadership newspaper and two of her reporters that are  being prosecuted. Has your visit got to do with any negotiation?

It has nothing to do with that at all, on a very serious note. It has nothing to do with that.

Is it about 2015?

No, No, No, it’s about the affairs of our country.  I am a stakeholder, you know that.

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