Boston Bombing: Djokhar Tsarnaev leaves hospital for jail

Djokhar Tsarnaev , suspected to be responsible (with his deceased brother) of the double attack of Boston, left the hospital.

Hospitalized in serious condition Saturday following his arrest in Boston, Tsarnaev seems to be doing much better. Enough, anyway, to be transferred to prison on Friday, announced the U.S. authorities.

This boy suspected of the Boston bombing that has killed three people and about 200 wounded, began to quickly communicate with investigators, including writing, refuting any link with other terrorists.

The young man seems to deliver more details on his intentions and those of his brother Tamerlane . According to investigators, the Tsarnaev brothers had planned to bomb the Times Square in New York.

“They had built several bombs, and we know they have the capacity to commit the attack,” said Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York during a press conference.

“Seewhat these bombs did in Boston , said the head of the NYPD, Ray Kelly . Even late at night, there are a lot of people in Times Square. You can imagine the damage that would be done in New York. “