Azonto time with Jay Ghartey

Jay GharteyJay GharteyGhanaian-American artiste, Jay Ghartey is still preparing for the release of his second album but has two singles out in the meantime, to keep his fans happy.

Known here  for his  My Lady track, Ghartey  has also jumped on the Azonto band-wagon with a song he calls Somebody. He also has a love song called Love You Better and it  features Ugandan songstress, Juliana Kanyomozi.

Juliana is appreciated in Uganda as one of the country’s best singers with hits Say Yes and Nabikoowa under her belt.  She recently appeared on the remix of Ghartey’s  My Lady.

Explaining why he decided to flirt with Azonto, Ghartey said he had observed that  a lot of his fans, both in Ghana and elsewhere, were now hooked on to the craze so he chose to do something in that vein for them.

He also said he was not amused at all about American artiste, Chris Brown declaring on the BET network that Azonto is from Nigeria.

“It is a fact that Azonto originated from Ghana and not Nigeria, so when Chris Brown made that mistake on BET, I saw the need to bring out one of my Azonto tracks. So Somebody  is the first of a number I intend to put out,” he stated.

Ghartey revealed that Juliana would be in Ghana soon at his invitation, as part of plans to promote the two songs, especially Love You Better.

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