ATS community Ad: Cheikh Diop in search of a club

I am a young footballer. I live in Senegal specifically in the city of Dakar. I am doing this job as a footballer since the age of 6 years old and I really gained a great experience and I would like to serve a club with it. I am even ready to sacrifice myself body and soul just to defend the colors of the club. I would be very proud of wearing jersey and use my loaf. But I need a lot of help from some people like you if possible. You can help me to share my talent

I’m a striker capable of scoring big goals and even more but I will let you discover and appreciate my talent. I am very hectic and effective in front of goals. Respect, humility, and discipline are and still my motto and I love working hard.

Many people tend not to trust players who write on the net while ignoring their potential but I wholeheartedly believe this will be the case with you.

For lack of financial means I have to write to you on the net to see how helpful and strengthening you can be to me, because here only wealthy parents can afford sending their children to the biggest clubs in the country or Europe.

I am a young destitute who writes every day to correspondents in order to one day find a man or woman of God who could help me to join a club and show my talent. Doubting me is normal, but trust begins one day. I count on you and one day you will be very proud of me. I will brandish the club colors with pride after each victory.

Help me please and give me a chance to finally cleave a club. Please help me.

Here’s my number: +221777226103
E-mail: [email protected] mailto:[email protected]

Name: Cheikh Diop Cheikh Diop
Age: 17 years
Size: 1M 85
Nationality: Senegalese
Position: FORWARD