Apostle Marries 9 Women, Plans To Marry 11 More So His Church Can Grow Quickly

Founder and leader of RMG End Time Message Ministry is targeting 20 wives to increase church membership as couples withdraw against his polygamous doctrine.

In a wide ranging interview, polygamous Apostle Robert Martin Gumbura said he has decided to have many wives and children who support his doctrine. Apostle Gumbura said following his polygamy doctrine, he faced a major exodus from his congregation while he was based in Gweru. He was left with less than 50 people and he had five wives at that time.

Last week the controversial “man of God” paraded NINE WIVES to news reporters saying he has no reason to cheat with married women when he has many wives to quench his sexual appetite. Gumbura claims that he takes a lot of fruits and good meals to GAIN POWER TO SEXUALLY satisfy his many wives in bed. He is now spreading the word of God through his sexual power and is targeting 20 wives and many children to achieve his goal.

“These are my NINE WIVES and 28 children with me today and I am targeting 20 wives who will bear me many children. It is better to teach my children and wives my doctrines rather than struggling with couples who are against me. Men are not being honest enough with their spouses. Many are not able to have one wife without cheating or having a hidden small house.

“As I read the Bible I discovered that Old Testament leaders had many wives who became their followers and that is the route I am taking. Many followers deserted me after I preached about polygamy in October 2000 and I was left with less than 50 people. As my wives bear many children, I will have many followers to my ministry since many are leaving me because of that truth I am preaching.

“I paraded my wives to all my church branches and from there I am losing membership as women go against it even though their husbands understood the bible verses. I am not after married women. As we speak I have six polygamous leaders under me who are also following my doctrine,” said Apostle Gumbura who was recently picked up by police for questioning amid claims that he had sexually abused several married women in his church.

On HIV and AIDS, Apostle Gumbura said his wives were faithful and the danger will only be brought by him, if he was to cheat.

“My wives are very faithful and protected that I trust them. If AIDS is to be found among us, I will be the one to blame and I am not a cheater. I eat fruits and good meals to boost my immune system to have power to make love to my wives. If there is anyone of them who is not being satisfied I can go out so that she can be open to speak to you over that,” said the husband of 9 and father of 28 (still counting).