About 50 workers of SINOPEC won’t be paid

About 50 workers of SINOPEC, the Chinese construction firm working on the gas processing plant at Atuabo in the Western region, have been served notices they would not be paid their salaries at the end of May.

This is because their Chinese employers claim that Ghana government has not paid the company for work done so far.

Joy News correspondent Kwaku Owusu Peprah who visited the construction site reported that the workers are unhappy with the daily 12 cedis wage they earn. Their conditions of service are poor, Kwaku quoted some of the workers as saying.

He said the workers complain there is no water at the site for them to drink, neither are they paid any healthcare allowance.

One casual worker who claimed he had not been to work for about two weeks now said, the wages they earn at the construction site are not commensurate with the work they do.

They are therefore asking for pay increase and better conditions of service, else they will stop work.

Sources indicate there will be a crunch meeting between workers of SINOPEC, Ghana Gas and Trades Union Congress.