Women, children flee as land guards descend on Abonya Township

Women, children flee as land guards descend on Abonya Township

About three hundred women and children were on Tuesday forced out of their homes by land guards at Abonya in the Kpone-Katamanso District of the Greater Accra Region.

The land guards, wielding guns, clubs and machetes attacked the town following a dispute over the ownership of lands in the area.

The town folk are said to have fled to nearby towns and village for refuge.

Though they have been assured of their safety, only the men have braced themselves and returned to Abonya.

Some of the victims who spoke to Joy News couldn’t hide their frustration.

“We heard gun shots so we decided to run,” an obviously terrified mother said, “but they [the land guards] go to us quickly so we couldn’t run. So I [gathered]the children, we decided to go and hide in the room.

“We were in the room and they break the door and they came to us and put the gun on us. So I just kneel down and pleading for help.

“I think the way the kids were crying, holding me they just have mercy on us and they leave us.”

Another man said “the gun shots were just coming just like that. I just hide my head and say eii my wife, have they killed my wife?”

“Have they killed my wife? That’s the questions that I was asking, I was just panicking, I was just crying.

“In fact, it was serious…”