We Should Stop Politicizing Our Salary Structure

A communication member of the Progressive People’s Party, Charles Owusu is asking politicians to stop forthwith the politicizing of the salary structure of public sector workers.

He explicated that the issue of resolving industrial actions should not be a lip service; in that “we should stop politicizing our salary structure and the fact that government increases salary whenever there is a strike action in the country is not the best”.

Speaking on Okay FM, he said that there must be a decision as a nation to find a way to help the public workers; stressing that “we need to find a lasting cure to the arrears problems which has accumulated over the years so that it does not happen again under any regime in power”.

He however said that this government cannot force the doctors to work when they have legitimate concerns that need to be addressed; though people may die as a result from their strike, their demands must be met because they have families who depend on them.

He further said that it is about time the government looks into their retirement benefits since the lives of doctors after service are miserable; in that they go to the same market and people perceive them to be wealthy men in the society.

He therefore said that the doctors should also realize that their actions do not affect the government directly because most government officials are been sent abroad whenever they are sick as against the citizenry who rely on the government hospitals for health assistance.

He however pleaded with the doctors to rescind their decision on the strike and return to save lives; but quickly called on the government to stop the intention of calling on the service of Cuban doctors as suggested by the NDC Women’s Organizer, Anita De-Soso, which to him will be an insult to the Ghanaian doctors’ integrity.