Stephanie Benson gives back to Ghana

UK based Ghanaian singer Stephanie Benson has achieved a lot on the international scene yet down here in Ghana much has not been heard from her as far as music is concerned.

Somewhere last year, the ‘Never Again’ Diva, announced that she would be hitting the Ghanaian music market soon with her much awaited single.

True to her words, Stephanie is ready to give back to her home country not only through music but also to establish a state-of-the-art music school in Accra.In an interview last week an excited Stephanie said “I have done a lot of charity work in the UK and feel that it is time to do something for my own country.

That’s the main reason I am establishing a music school in Accra. We have wonderful people in Ghana who are doing incredibly well, but I can help improve the music business in Ghana with my input ’’.

The Benson Entertainment Production Institute (BEP for short), according to her, would comprise of a modern sound recording studio, which would be used for training and commercial purposes. The Facility also intends to develop Professional International Theatre standards for musical theatre shows, stage musical concerts, rehearsal space and TV shows.

With the kind of respect and recognition she has gained over the years both locally and internationally Stephanie has stated that she will use her brand to raise awareness for the Institute to encourage more foreign interest, and affiliation with internally recognized schools, TV companies and record labels.

“My aim is to help groom potential stars of our Ghanaian talent in all fields of the industry. A place they can come to get the professional and financial help to develop their talent within the Institute. I am starting this in a very small way, but with time I intend to develop it into something bigger.” she added.

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