Referees committee disappointed at complaints on officiating

The Referees Committee of the Ghana Football Association is disappointed at the increased number of complaints from club owners, players and management on officiating.

Chief executive officer of Amidaus Professionals is alleged to have threatened to quit Ghana football due to poor officiating, Abdul Salam Yakubu, president of Edubiase United is also alleged to have complained bitterly of officiating in his side’s 1-1 draw at home to Asante Kotoko last Sunday.

Quite recently, two referees are alleged to have been chased and assaulted in some division one matches.

Some of these complaints, although not official, have drawn the displeasure of the referees committee of the Ghana F A. Member of the association, retired FIFA referee Alex Kotey tells JOY Sports the allegations can only be ascertained through video clips.

“Sometimes when we hear some of these complaints, it worries us. As a committee, we would want to watch clips. We cannot just act on what some of these club officials say because they would not want to accept defeat easily.

Asked what happens at venues where there are no television cameras, Alex Kotey said “in the case of the premier league, the GFA sends cameras to all the eight centers. It is only in division one that sometimes there aren’t cameras at certain venues. When that happens, we rely heavily on match commissioners’ report.”