“Petitioners Evidence Is Embarrassing…The NPP Has Destroyed Dr. Bawumia’s Political Career”

A member of the NDC communication team,Mohammed Suka has described the evidence of the petitioners as embarrassing to the sympathizers of the NPP and Ghanaians in general as Dr. Bawumia equate blank space to over voting.

According to him, Dr. Bawumia is desperate to become the Vice President of the country, hence the inconsistencies in his evidence before the Supreme Court which according to the NDC communicator will eventually destroy the political career of the second petitioner.

Speaking on Okay FM, he said that the petitioners have provided 8,621 to the first and third respondents but they claim to have given 11, 138 evidences; in that in view of the evidence, the Supreme Court should cancel the 4 million votes of the 2012 election results.

He expressed surprise that the petitioners did not add to their claims before the Supreme Court the allegations made by the NPP that during the 2012 elections there was a company in Dzorworlu which was adding figures to candidate John Mahama’s results.

He however said that the petitioners deliberately added the parliamentary sheets to their evidence to make it up to the 11,138 claims they purportedly have before the Supreme Court; adding that the petitioners are deceiving the NPP sympathizers who are supporting and counting on them to win the case before the Supreme Court.

He further said that Dr. Bawumia is being disgraced before the Supreme Court, because in his estimation the evidence are duplicated with different codes as suggested by lawyer Tony Lithur.

“The petitioners evidence is embarrassing to their sympathizers and Ghanaians, and the painful aspect of the case is that the NPP has destroyed the political career of Dr. Bawumia”.

He alleged that Dr. Bawumia has secured a job in Uganda because he knows that the case before the Supreme Court will not be in favour of the NPP; urging that the supporters should not waste their time and energy on the petitioners since they have a different game plan and not that they want to win the case at the Supreme Court.