LdC Varane: “We came across a very aggressive team”

Real Madrid took a swipe Wednesday in semi-final of the Champions League. Raphael Varane and his teammates guttered the repeated assaults of the yellow wave led by an unsustainable Robert Lewandowski. Borussia Dortmund striker scored 4 goals for his team for a final 4-1 victory at the end of the meeting (video).

A result hardly imaginable for Madrid defender Raphael Varane: “We were expecting a much more positive outcome. We were more ambitious. We came across a very aggressive team, who played compact; what we have not been able to do. We left too much space between the lines and that’s what made the result, “ said the French defender.

If FC Barcelona has no luck, according to the statistics, to turn things around after his defeat (4-0) against Bayern Munich, Real Madrid has 12% possibility to avoid a 100% German final (what will be a first time in the history of the UEFA Champions League).