Hunter Mistaken For Antelope

A 30-year-old hunter at Asante Mampong was on Saturday accidentally shot dead by his colleague who mistook him for an antelope.

Kwame Atta was attending to nature’s call in the forest where he and his friend, Akwasi Gyamfi, 32, had gone for hunting expedition, when calamity struck.

Gyamfi, reports said, saw some movements in the forest so he thought an antelope was hiding there. He then pulled the trigger.

After firing the gunshot, he then rushed to the scene to take his booty only to find his friend lying motionless in a pool of blood.

The suspect is now in police custody whilst the body of the deceased has been deposited at the morgue for autopsy.

Addae Brobbey, an eye witness said the deceased, a father of three, is a taxi driver whose car had developed a fault.

On Saturday around 8:00 am, Atta decided to join Gyamfi on a hunting expedition in the forest at Brengo near Mampong.

Upon reaching the forest, the two pals saw footprints of an animal suspected to be antelope.

They followed the footprints for some minutes but they could not track the animal.

The two hunters then decided to take different directions in order to boost their chances of tracing the antelope.

After some minutes the antelope could not be tracked by the two hunters.

Atta, who was about 15 metres away from his friend, told Gyamfi he was attending to nature’s call.

Minutes after squatting to attend to nature’s call, Gyamfi saw some movements in the forest.

The suspect, reports said, thought the antelope had appeared in the farm, so he pulled the trigger.

Gyamfi was shocked to the marrow when he saw his friend lying in a pool of blood after rushing to the scene for his kill.

The suspect then went to the police station to inform the police who went for the body of the deceased.

Gyamfi is currently in police custody assisting in investigations. He might be arraigned soon.