Ghanaians urged to promote national good

Charlotte Osei - NCCE BossCharlotte Osei – NCCE BossThe Chairperson of the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE), Mrs Charlotte Osei, has reminded Ghanaians of their national duty saying “every citizen is to promote the prestige and good name of Ghana.”

The NCCE boss said  the Constitution enjoined every Ghanaian to uphold and defend the Constitution to foster national unity.

Mrs Osei who spoke at the 81st convention  of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission  (jalsa) held at Pomadze near Winneba Junction in the Central Region, also urged Ghanaians to live in harmony with one another by respecting to each others’ rights, freedoms and legitimate interests as well as refraining from doing acts detrimental to the welfare of other persons.

She appealed to every Ghanaian to show religious, as well as political tolerance, towards others regardless of ethnic, social and gender background.

She said the Constitution of Ghana, like the teachings of Islam, was aimed at creating peaceful societies.

Apart from creating a peaceful atmosphere, Mrs Osei said the Constitution had adopted certain values which ensured  the  strength of the society as a cohesive and caring community where everyone felt his or her importance to the community.

She explained that the exercise and enjoyment of rights and freedoms were inseparable from the performance of duties and obligations.

The Minister of Information and Media Relations, Mr Mahama Ayariga,  urged non muslims to disabuse their minds of the notion that all Muslims were violent and terrorists.

He explained that majority of Muslims were rather peace-loving and urged them to continue to set good examples in the society.

Mr Ayariga appealed to religious bodies and the Ghanaians to embrace fully the partnership gesture that the government had put across.

He said religious bodies and government must work to lift the people from subjugation, ignorance, poverty and disease.

Mr Ayariga commended the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission of Ghana for their immense contribution to the development of the country in terms of health and education, saying that the government needed the co-operation of each and everyone to move Ghana forward.

Story: Abdul Aziz

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