GBA Prez: Lawyers cannot appear before judges without case briefs

GBA Prez: Lawyers cannot appear before judges without case briefs

The President of the Greater Accra branch of the Ghana Bar Association, Frank Davis, has cautioned lawyers not to appear before judges without briefs on their cases.

He said such attitude violates the ethics of the profession.

Mr. Davis’ comment was in reference to the failure of counsel for retired Supreme Court judge Justice Francis Kpegah to produce his brief during ahigh court hearing of a case of impersonation brought against New Patriotic Party 2012 flagbearer Nana Akufo Addo.

Frank Davies told Joy News lawyers could have their cases thrown out in such circumstances.

“The court is a court of record so whatever you say should be reflective of the processes that have been filed in court. So that if you saying that is opposite what the processes say then the judge can contradict you with the processes on record.

“So if you come to court without your brief that essentially is not the mark of any trained lawyer. This is not conduct which is ethical.”

“I mean it frowns against our ethics and if you go to court in such a disposition the judge can refuse to listen to you and that in itself is a sanction,” Mr Davies stated.

Meanwhile, a member of the petitioners’ legal team, Gloria Akufo, is cautioning colleagues against making prejudicial comments about the case at the Supreme Court.

She was responding to statements allegedly made by some members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC’s) legal team questioning the credibility of the second petitioner, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia’s.