Charles Metouck Sentenced 9 years 9 Months

Charles Metouck

Charles Metouck

LIMBE – Cameroon… The former General Manager of the Cameroon Oil Refining Company (SONARA), Charles Metouck was yesterday, 24 April 2013 sentenced by the Limbe Magistrate Court to 9 years 9 months. His co-accused Edinguelle also received a jail term of 9 years 9 months while Ngalle was sentenced to one year.

Three of them were charged of gaining unlawful access to the offices of the General Manager of SONARA, fraud and forgery of signatures of SONARA board Chairman, signing papers and destroying official documents.

These charges are different from the main issue which led to the firing of Charles Metouck as GM of SONARA. He is accused of embezzling scores of billions of Francs CFA from the company he managed for over 10 years.

All three were driven from the Limbe Magistrate Court to the Buea Central Prison where they have up to 10 days within which to appeal.

Considering that appeals in previous cases in which accused were offenders against the people and State of Cameroon have witnessed jail terms increased, it is believed Charles Metouck and his co-accused will not be appealing.

Board Chairman Mr. Ebong Ngolle appeared as one of the witnesses against the three accused. Ibrahim Talba Malla, the present General Manager of SONARA was also in court.

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