Brand New Reggae Single: Matthew Greenidge – Your Loving

Blessedlove. Two months ago he gave you a massive tribute to the legendary Robert Nesta Marley with his song ‘Bob Marley’. Now Matthew Greenidge is back with another potential hit in ‘Your Loving’. It is released under JahLight Records/PengCo Music and about to hit digital stores on April 30th 2013.

Don’t you miss it. It’s a beautiful and hard hitting tune for the ladies. We have made the single available for you via download right here. Also we have attached the artist’s Biography and Artwork.

Feel free to spread the music. It’s positive music. This one is a message especially that the ladies will love and enjoy. Check it out here. It’s brand new. It’s hard. Thanks for the support. JahLight Records.


Matthew Greenidge was born in Trinidad on the 14th August 1984. Ever since he can remember he says he always loved music. To him it was natural because everyone love some sort of music. Growing up he never really thought that he would actually become a singer/ song writer one day. However, being strongly influenced by music at my home on a daily basis influenced him to go into the field of music.

This young artist states that his inspirations comes from God, his environment, things that he have been through, things that he have witnessed other people go through, the power of love and the list goes on.

His uncle Arthur, very well known in the community for singing reggae, was one of his first influences as a child. However, Matthew sites other major influences in Bob Marley, Glen Washington, Gregory Isaac and as he got older, his cousin Rincher, was influential in teaching him a lot about writing and singing reggae.

This young firebrand plans to keep singing positive music and thereby use it as a vehicle to reach the younger generation in a way that can impact upon them, with the hope that in years to come he can hear a young artist say that because of his music they were inspired and encouraged in the right way of life. In the future Matthew sees himself still delivering great songs, touring and opening hopefully his own studio.

Overall he seeks to maintain his humble beginnings and use the opportunity rendered unto him to keep working on his craft while gaining more and more musical experience. This young artist just loves being in the studio knowing that he has the opportunity to record a song that holds such huge potential.

It’s important for him, however, to be comfortable at the studio where he is working at. In 2011, he linked up with label, JahLight Records. That same year they recorded Matthew’s 1st commercially available song entitled, ‘Burn to Learn’, on JahLight’s heavy, ‘Passover Riddim, which featured his cousin Rincher.

The following year JahLight Records’ manager recognizing his potential suggested to Matthew that they should work on an official album together and quickly they got to work. In 2013, this combined effort will bring forth Matthew Greenidge’s debut album.

However, before its official release the masses heard songs like ‘Get Your Loving’ by PengCo Music and ‘Bob Marley’ by JahLight Records; the latter especially serving as a strong introduction to the artist.

Matthew Greenidge can be described as a talented artist with a lot of conviction about what he does. He is professional. He is the type of artist that is humble and willing to put in the time, effort and finances to get things done. He will go the extra mile for his music; a very attentive and hardworking individual.

Those are some of the things that really caught our attention with the artist. We at JahLight Records strongly believe that he will make a great addition to the Reggae fraternity, says JahLight Records’ manager, Akeunde Pemberton. The world can be sure that there is a new reggae messenger coming their way and his name is Matthew Greenidge.

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Matthew Greenidge – Your Loving


Title: Your Loving
Artist: Matthew Greenidge
Label: JahLight Records/PengCo Music
Release Date: 30/04/13